Kanwal Syed- SOC 240
Getting to Know Your Eyes
Posted on February 21st, 2010 at 11:35 pm by ksyed100 and tagged

This picture is taken in the “study room” in my house. For me, this is the room I see most frequently during the fall and spring semester. The dim light and cool cream walls help me to relax and concentrate when I am stressed out over an exam. My plush frog in the picture was given to me by a friend. I call it my good luck charm, it always helps me pass my exams with ease. It takes my stress away looking at the plush frog and thinking back to all the fun times ive had with my friend that had given it to me. The study room is my favorite room in the house, I always enter that room tense but always leave that room feeling calm and cool, knowing in my head “I got this, I will ace that test”.

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Link Here | February 21, 2010,

Wow! I wish I had a study room. My study room is my room. period. I think it’s important to have a place at home where you feel relaxed enough to concentrate on studying to pass those crazy tests. Wish you the best this semester.

  elydurey |

Link Here | March 14, 2010,

Great entry, Kanwal. I am just curious what it is, laying in front of the frog? Wondering about it did take my attention away from your story… 😉

  antonia |

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