Kanwal Syed- SOC 240
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For my project I will be taking pictures of the environment and people that are there. I have already notified most of the people attending the wedding, that I will be taking pictures for my sociology class and the people I have spoken to are okay with it. There also might be a couple of interviews from my parents about what a traditional Pakistani wedding from their generation was like,and I do have their full permission for the project. Anyone that does not want to take part in the project will not be photographed or interviewed.

Visual Exploration
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Pakistani wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

Photographer: Ross Oscar Knight

Webstie: http://www.rossoscarknightphotography.net/2009/04/faisal-durre-atlanta-ga.html

The photograph I chose is from Pakistani wedding. The scene in the picture is showing the point in the wedding where the parents give the bride away to the groom. This happens at the end of the wedding, it is called the “ruksati” which basically means the parting. This symbolizes that the girl is now finally ready to become a wife and to join her own family and is ready to leave her parents home. The Ouran, the holy book of Islam is being held above the brides head to symbolize everlasting blessings from God and also from her parents.

This is a picture that I took at my best friends wedding.  This is apart of the wedding ceremony where the groom and bride exchange rings. The traditional Pakistani wedding is almost always arranged, the bride and groom usually don’t have too much contact with each other till after the official wedding ceremony. Pakistani weddings usually last three to four days, in which we preform rituals starting from the day of the Mehndi to the end of the wedding celebrations which is the Valima (the final reception).

Proposal Idea
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For our  project Elizabeth Reyes and I were thinking to compare cultural differences. Elizabeth and I are both from different ethnic backgrounds and we thought it would be interesting if we could  experience and compare each others cultures.  Elizabeth with her family actually moved here from Mexico when she was 14 and I was born in the US but my parents are from Pakistan. We both decided on comparing our own traditional wedding rituals to each others. Elizabeth and I will both attend a traditional Pakistani wedding and a traditional Mexican wedding and we will try to compare and understand each others cultures through our own eyes.  Some ideas are the comparison of the bridal gown and representation of certain colors and different rituals preformed during and after the wedding.

Mini Fieldwork Experience
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The mini fieldwork experience for me was very exciting. I felt both roles were really interesting. Being the Dr. Researcher coming up with the questions for the topic was not difficult at all. The topic I chose was the quality of dining at Queens College. A couple of questions that came to mind were “Does QC dining meet all health regulations?” and “Does QC over charge students for food? Do they have good prices?” My teammate Julia and I decided to go to the Student Union. There we noted that everything seemed to be under good health regulations and we also noticed that QC offered a value meal plan to student so that it would be cheaper for them to buy food.

The role of the Senor Participant I felt that I enjoyed more doing. Taking pictures and doing photo ellicitation is really fun. The topic I had to take pictures for was necessary improvements for Queens College Campus. I chose to take pictures in Keily Hall of the bathrooms and hand sanitizers. I felt that Queens College did make an effort to help keep the school clean and healthy by putting up the sanitizers, but they still need improvement on refilling them. There is the same issue with the bathrooms they usually are kept clean in most buildings but they need more improvement, they need to clean the garbage bins and refill the toilet paper constantly.

I think for future research my teammate and I both could take more time to develop our questions and our responses. Maybe we could go in to detail with the topic given or chosen. And try to get some background history before we come up with any question or answers or taking pictures. Over all it was a good experience.

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I would like to do my project on self esteem and maker up. Im not to sure at the moment what exactly to do but I would like to do some thing that has to do with becoming a participant of a particular group and seeing the world through their eyes.