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For our  project Elizabeth Reyes and I were thinking to compare cultural differences. Elizabeth and I are both from different ethnic backgrounds and we thought it would be interesting if we could  experience and compare each others cultures.  Elizabeth with her family actually moved here from Mexico when she was 14 and I was born in the US but my parents are from Pakistan. We both decided on comparing our own traditional wedding rituals to each others. Elizabeth and I will both attend a traditional Pakistani wedding and a traditional Mexican wedding and we will try to compare and understand each others cultures through our own eyes.  Some ideas are the comparison of the bridal gown and representation of certain colors and different rituals preformed during and after the wedding.

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Link Here | March 17, 2010,

Hey Kanwal, your methodology is great, but I think if you guys also include interviews, it will make for even greater research. In the interviews, perhaps you can ask both sets of your parents or even grandparents if possible, what traditional weddings entail. For example, you can ask your mom “What are the preparations for the wedding, where does the cermony take place, etc.?” I think it will complement your observation.

  christinepersaud |

Link Here | March 17, 2010,

yeah I guess we could ask our parents what their views are on traditional weddings and then compare it to the actual event that takes place. And then probably compare and contrast a traditional wedding from their generation to our generation today, thanks for the ideas.

  ksyed100 |

Link Here | March 22, 2010,

Greetings! I think that the idea of comparing each others cultures in respect to weddings is very interesting and completely different. Looking into traditions of marriages and weddings facinate me, because we would not know of other culture’s traditions unless they are presented.. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project.

I would suggest looking into presents presented to couples for their weddings… It also fascinates me to see the role children play in weddings,(for example: the flowergirl and ringbearer). Lastly looking into the involvment of family into marriage(if marriage is arranged, involved or if it is completely between bride and groom).

  devyndarko |

Link Here | March 22, 2010,

Great topic! See my comments on Elizabeth’s post.
Devin’s iideas are great and you might want to consider some of them.

  antonia |

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