Kanwal Syed- SOC 240
Posted on March 24th, 2010 at 4:12 pm by ksyed100 and

For my project I will be taking pictures of the environment and people that are there. I have already notified most of the people attending the wedding, that I will be taking pictures for my sociology class and the people I have spoken to are okay with it. There also might be a couple of interviews from my parents about what a traditional Pakistani wedding from their generation was like,and I do have their full permission for the project. Anyone that does not want to take part in the project will not be photographed or interviewed.

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Link Here | March 24, 2010,

Hey Kanwal, although people know that they will be photographed for your research project, they may not be comfortable with you publishing it on your blog or on your report. Maybe you should also ask them if they will allow you to publish their pictures. Hope this helps!

  christinepersaud |

Link Here | April 5, 2010,

I agree with Christine. Please also see my comments on Elizabeth’s post!


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