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Pakistani wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

Photographer: Ross Oscar Knight

Webstie: http://www.rossoscarknightphotography.net/2009/04/faisal-durre-atlanta-ga.html

The photograph I chose is from Pakistani wedding. The scene in the picture is showing the point in the wedding where the parents give the bride away to the groom. This happens at the end of the wedding, it is called the “ruksati” which basically means the parting. This symbolizes that the girl is now finally ready to become a wife and to join her own family and is ready to leave her parents home. The Ouran, the holy book of Islam is being held above the brides head to symbolize everlasting blessings from God and also from her parents.

This is a picture that I took at my best friends wedding.  This is apart of the wedding ceremony where the groom and bride exchange rings. The traditional Pakistani wedding is almost always arranged, the bride and groom usually don’t have too much contact with each other till after the official wedding ceremony. Pakistani weddings usually last three to four days, in which we preform rituals starting from the day of the Mehndi to the end of the wedding celebrations which is the Valima (the final reception).

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Link Here | April 5, 2010,

Good! Very beautiful pictures and great descriptions. For your final project, make sure to move on from mere description and to apply a “critical lens” to the traditions, rituals, and opinions of your participants. Your literature review will help with that, too.


Link Here | April 7, 2010,

I must say that your project is one that i am really looking forward to when it is finalized. The colors and richness of culture and traditions are very visually present.. Will you only be focusing on Pakistani weddings or do you plan on looking into other cultures wedding tradition?


  devyndarko |

Link Here | April 8, 2010,

Hey Kanwal, I love how your pictures really tell a story! The outfits and practices you describe are very similar to the Hindu wedding with which I am very familiar. Are you thinking of using these photos in your methodology? Perhaps for photo elicitation? Being that many people may not know about traditional Pakistani weddings, you can ask them to describe what they believe is going in the photo. People may not know that most Pakistani weddings are arranged. You can then ask them to describe a photo of a Mexican wedding at the same stage as in the Pakistani wedding. Just a suggestion, I am not sure how it will play out. Great start though!

  christinepersaud |

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