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Presentation:Mexican and Pakistani Wedding
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This interview has been translated from Urdu to English. (I interviewed my mom Riffat Syed).

1. In a traditional Pakistani wedding how does a man and woman get together?

Weddings are normally arranged, parents decide on a child’s partner based on religion, education and socioeconomic status. Partners for a child are usually picked through mutual friends or through a religious community. When the parents decide that the girl/guy is right for their child then they send the proposal for their child’s hand in marriage.

2. In a traditional Pakistani wedding, what does the wedding consist of?

The traditional Pakistani wedding consist of three major events that occur during three different days. The first day is called the “Mehndi” in which the bride wears yellow and during the ceremony everyone wears yellow or green and we put henna on the bride. The second day of the wedding is called the “Baraat” , which is the actual wedding day in which the bride wears red and finally gets to go become a family member of her in-laws. The third day of the wedding is called the “Valima” , which is the reception party thrown by the groom. The first two days of the wedding are paid for by the brides parents and the reception is paid for by the groom.

3.  What is the traditional wedding attire?

On the actual day of the brides wedding (the “baraat”), the bride should wear a shade of red. Her hands and feet are filled with henna and she should have jewelery for her forehead, ears, nose, and bracelets all made of pure gold. The groom, on the day of the actual wedding, wears the traditional Pakitani suit or a an American suit.

The bride on the day of her Mehndi

The bride and groom on the day of the "Baraat" (Wedding day)

The bride and groom on the day of the "Valima" (Reception day)


My experience at the Mexican wedding

When I attend the Mexican wedding I saw a lot of similarities but also differences.

One similarity is that there is always a wedding cake at the wedding which the bride and groom feed to each other.

Cake cutting ceremony

One difference that I saw in the wedding was the “La vivora de la mar” which is a traditional game that is seen in Mexican weddings. In the game the groom and the bride stand on the chair. The groom holds the veil of the bride and every body in the wedding party dance around the bride and groom in a chain motion and try to make the bride and groom fall.

“La vivora de la mar”

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